Top 10 Sports in world

                  We have heard it thousand times that sports are good for health as it is also an exercise which maintains our health in good shape. But sports provides many other things such as it helps in character building, makes our mind alert and more focused and also increases the longevity. If you look around around there are hundreds of sport which are divided into two categories. They are
  • Indoor  : Chess, Table tennis, Ludo, Bowling etc.  
  • Outdoor : Football, Golf, Cricket, Rugby etc.
               Now the question is which sports to follow? Why follow the particular sport ? How that particular sport is better than the other sport ? Well its up to the interest of one who wants to follow. you can't compell someone to follow a particular sport. If he/she likes any sport they will definitely follow it.  Here I am with the top 10 most followed sports in the world. Look at the list and you decide :

Football is most followed sport in the world
Soccer-Most followed sport
 Top 10 Sports in the World                             

10.  Rugby
9.    Basketball                                      
8.    Golf 
7.    Baseball
6.    Table Tennis
5.    Volleyball
4.    Lawn Tennis
3.    Hockey
2.    Cricket
1.     Football (Soccer)

 Why Football is on Top?

 Football which is also known as Soccer is the most popular and followed sport across the world. It is followed by approximately 3 billion people worldwide and almost in every country on the earth. It is getting a competition from the cricket whose new format T20 is getting famous quickly. But still the craziness and passion for the game of football is immense. This passion for the game of football has kept it on top for long time and it looks like as it will stay right on top forever. The reason for its continuous following may be is due to its short period of play time (90 minutes), can be played in any weather, on  any kind of surface, low investment and also lots of Dollars/Euros if you take it professionally and make big !

That’s why it is quoted Football is much more than just a game ”.                       
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Thanks for stopping by, express your views and suggestions about the blog or the post through your comments.                                                                                                                                                                        

Has Sachin played his last test?

                 He is the “God” of Cricket and have names  such as Master blaster, little master etc. He has been on the field for last 23 years and provided his service to team at highest level. He is considered as the greatest cricketer of all, but his dismal performance with bat in last series against Australia has sparked the question of his retirement all over again. The legendary batsman hasn’t been in the best of forms since the 2011 world cup that India won. 

               In last home series he scored runs at an average of 32, which is too low from the batsman of his stature having career average of approx. 53. He couldn’t score a single century in the series as his best in the series was 81. It’s not the first time the question of retirement has started, but now the case is different as he is not getting young and will turn 40 next month and also there are fresh players who are looking for the place in the team. But there are many people who still think that he is still needed in Indian team for his experience and knowledge of the game.

Has Sachin played his last test in India
Sachin playing a forward defensive shot
What goes against him?

Wrong side of Age: - As he is getting old and will turn 40 next month. The problem he is  facing will   be     tougher to resolve for him as he is getting older.

Not too many tests: - There are not too many tests for India to play next year. India is to tour South Africa and New Zealand respectively and the next home series will be around mid June 2014 so, it’s better to give chance to youngster in place.

Nothing left to Achieve: - He holds approximately all the records that a batsman can have in his career.  So, there is no milestone left untouched by him.

What goes in favor?

Vast experience: -  He has represented India in 198 test matches which is a world record in test cricket. So, India must be looking to utilize his experience for the building up of new players.

Fighting ability: - He has done in the past and he can do it all over again. That means he has    always proved his critics wrong with his batting whenever there has been any question regarding his batting and his place in the team.

   Overall, he has done everything for the team and been a one man army for his team for long. But, now there are new player’s who have shown with their performances that they can carry the team on their fresh shoulders. So, it’s high time for Sachin to hang his boots.

               “He is the God of Cricket and will be God of Cricket forever“

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5 Reasons Why Australia Lost Test Cricket Series Against India

                          Test series is over between India and Australia and that was lost by the later side 0-4. As Aussies tasted their worst defeat against India in the test history so it becomes a necessity for them to do post mortem of the series and find out the reasons for this huge loss. There could be number of reasons for the loss out of which top 5 reasons are:

Inexperienced side     
            After the departure of the Ricky Ponting and Michael Hussey the batting looked like a one man army. There was no batsman in the line up who can be considered as the match savor. There was only one man that too captain Clarke himself who scored highest run in the calendar year 2012 in test and it created extra pressure on him. Except him there was no one to rely upon and also the injury of key players did no favor to them. Like batting there was big void in the bowling as no one had decent record in the sub-continents. Injury of Watson didn’t let him to bowl in the entire series. This was also a setback to them as he is a quality all rounder.  Approximately, half of the squad members were playing their first test series in India. So that lack of experience in Indian condition proved costly as well. Experts also claimed that, this was the worst team to tour India in the history.  

Weakness against Slow & Turning pitches   

                As expected, team India welcomed their counter parts with the turning tracks. Most of the players were playing for first time in India in tests so they were not experienced with the slow and turning tracks as they are used to of playing in the Australia where they have quick and bouncy pitches. So, in the series that is dominated by the spinners they couldn’t find a way to go. 
Lack of Quality spinner

                   It is well known that in India the wickets are best suited for the spinners. As India has two top quality spinners in their kitty they made the track that suited them best. Even on the helpful tracks, Australian spinners find it tough to take wickets. This shows that they don’t have the kind of spinners needed to pick wickets in Indian conditions. Australian spinners were very inexperienced and looked like if they are one day bowlers. That’s why they struggled in the series except in the Delhi test were Lyon bowled reasonably well. 

Good show by new Indian players

               The series that is dominated by Indian team, they also found some future players in  Dhawan, Vijay, Pujara, Jadeja and B Kumar in the absence of Sehwag and Gambhir. With Vijay and Pujara being the top two highest run scorers in the test series they provided solid start and also a solid no.3 position and also cemented their place in the squad. Shikhar Dhawan who replaced Sehwag scored a big hundred in debut test. Jadeja impressed with his performance with the bowl and his fielding. In bhuwaneshwar, India found a new and young swing bowler. The quality performances by the young Indian stars led to the series victory for them.

Poor Captaincy

              If a team loses test series 4-0 i.e., they lost every match of series then there is something wrong with the captaincy as well. Australian team couldn’t register a single draw in series and also lost their last 2 tests within 4-days and 3-days respectively. All this shows that the available resources were not handled and utilized well that led to debacle of the team as well as  their worst defeat in last 30 years.

Indian Lions Hunted Australian Kangaroos

        Last test match of Border – Gavaskar trophy between India and Australia played at Feroz Shah Kotla stadium, Delhi finished within three days and team India won it comprehensively. The test match was evenly poised for both the teams at the end of first inning. Team Australia scored 262 in the first innings while in response of that team India scored 272, so India got a lead of the 10 runs. On the turning tracks Australia weren’t looking comfortable at all in the series and Kotla was no exception of that for them in the first innings. 

Indian team with the Border Gavaskar trophy
Indian Team with Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2013

          Trailing by 10 runs, Australia started their innings with new opening pair of Warner and Maxwell. But things didn’t change for them only change was that Jadeja created panic for them in place of Ashwin. Yes, it was Jadeja who picked up quick wickets of both the openers Maxwell and Warner at the score of 20. That opened up the flood gates for the India and they picked up the wickets at the regular interval and at lunch they were struggling on the score of 89 at loss of 5 wickets. The story remained same after lunch as well and Australia bundled up at 164. It was lower order batman Siddle who shown some resistance and score second 50 in the test. Only Siddle displayed some application and struggled against the Indian spinners to give Aussies a chance in match. For India R. Jadeja picked up 5 wickets for first time in his test career and Ashwin-Ojha picked up 2 wickets each while Ishant got one wicket.


       Team India started the chase of target 155 with positive intent and displayed the aggression as well. But the opening did not stand for too long and Vijay departed at the team score of 19. Virat Kohli joined the Pujara and they started building the inning and completed the 50 of team India in 9th over. At tea, the score of India was 72 at the loss of the Vijay’s wicket. After tea, they forwarded their inning very nicely and build up the partnership of 100 in between them. On the turning track, they simply null out the effect of Lyon who picked up 5 wickets in the first innings. 

       At the score 123, Lyon departed the well settled V. Kohli on 41 which followed by the departure of the Sachin and Rahane. So from 123/1, the score became 128/4 while Pujara was still on crease after scoring a well crafted half century. With Pujara, Dhoni finished off the proceeding with a boundary of Lyon and took India home with a 4-wicket win over the mighty Australians. With this win team India won the series 4-0 and also the prestigious Border-Gavaskar trophy.  For the all round performance of 43 runs and 8 wickets in the match Jadeja awarded Man of the Match while, Ashwin awarded with the Man of the Series for his brilliant bowling performance and picking up 29 wickets in the series.  

Man of the Series R. Ashwin
Man of the Series R. Ashwin

Man of the Match R. Jadeja
Man of the Match Ravindra Jadeja

         For the first time in history of test cricket India won a series 4-0 against the Aussies. In Australia test history they have been whitewashed (in a series of 3 or more tests) for the fourth time and first time in last 30 years. It is one of the worst series defeat for team Australia in recent past. Now, team India is to tour South Africa so it will be interesting to see how the new stars of India perform in the tough conditions, which will welcome them in South Africa against the no. 1 side of the test cricket. Finally after a long interval of time team India won a series and that too with 4-0. That will be quite satisfying and motivating for them.

            Congratulations to team India For Series win and, Tough luck to mighty Australians.   

Rafael Nadal is Back in Tennis Winning Indian-Open Title

                        It was sunny afternoon and an ideal weather for the finals of Indian Open Tennis tournament.It was full house stadium to see the clash of former world number 1 Rafael Nada and 1 grand slam champion Juan Martin Del Potro. Rafael Nadal was playing in 3rd consecutive final after returning from the knee injury which has kept him away from the tennis court for almost 7months. After defeating T. Berdych he was looking in the best of his shape and form. Del Potro defeated current world no.1 Djokovic in semis so he was looking in the best rhythm as well.  Before this they played each other 10 times out of which Nadal won 7 times while 3 times it was Del Potro.

Rafael Nadal And Juan Martin Del Potro before the start of final match.


                 As the game started from the very first serve Rafa started making an impact with his powerful forehand and beautiful backhands and he was leading 1-0. In next game he broke the service of Argentine the score became 2-0. Nadal quickly made it 3-0 in his favor and it was looking as if he is going to finish it in no time. But, from there onwards, Del Potro’s forehand came too handy for the Spanish and he started committing mistakes. Quickly the score became from 3-0 in Nadal’s favor to 3-3. Del Potro didn’t took too long to make it 4-6 and won the first set convincingly. In this set Rafa could win only 1 break point out of 6 while Del Potro won 2 out of 2. 2 Aces were shot by Del Potro but none from the Nadal. But , it was Incredible game of tennis from  JM Del Potro.

                In 2nd set too the story started in same fashion and the score line quickly became 0-2 in the Del Potro’s favor.  But, from right this point Nadal started controlling his aggression and game quickly it was visible in his game as well. The score became 3-3 from 0-2 in the favor of Spanish. Because Del Potro is very strong on Forehand so Nadal started exploiting the weak link i.e., Backhand of opponent. Suddenly it was the reversal of first set and Nadal won this set by 6-3 and that’s what you expect from the Nadal. He show a glimpse of his best form.


                It was 1 set each to both them so it was third set to decide the winner. In this, Juan started beautifully and he was 0-1 up. Nadal made it 1-1 and quickly 2-1 as he broke the serve of Argentinean  and he was leading with 3-1. But he tried to fight against the Rafael but Nadal continued playing the dominant game and suddenly he was leading with the score line of 5-3. Finally the set won by the Rafael Nadal with 6-4 and also the match with 4-6, 6-3,6-4. With this win Rafa became the Indian Wells champion for the 3rd time in his career. He lied on the court as Del Potro‘s return went outside the court, and also took a jump on his Coaching and support staff.      
Rafael wth his 22nd ATP Masters Trophy
Rafael Nadal giving his traditional bite to India Open Trophy
                      With this Rafael Nadal made the record of winning most (22) ATP masters titles in the history of lawn tennis one more than the great Roger Federer (21). 

                                   Well, Rafa is back in ruling business !

Dream Test Cricket Debut for Shikhar Dhawan

                   The 3rd test of the series between Australia and India was a debut test match for the Left handed batman Shikhar Dhawan. He has batting average of the 45.80 in first class, but last year he scored runs in domestic circuit at an average of more than 55, that helped him to get selected in the team. He got his chance to make against the Australia in place of the Sehwag, who was dropped from the team due to bad luck with run of later. The match turns out to be a dream debut of the Delhi batsman as he scored a century in the debut test.

Shikhar Dhawan celebrating his Maiden Century against Australia
                  Shikhar Dhawan scored the century in just 85 balls. With this he also made the world record of scoring the fastest century in debut test of just 85 balls. He broke the record of scoring century in 93 balls made by West Indies batsman Devon Smith. He scored his maiden century in just  85 deliveries with the help of 21 strokes to the boundary. He played his inning quite freely without showing any kind of nerve and that too at the strike rate of 117.6, like if he was batting in ODI. Before getting got out on the score of 187 on the delivery of N Lyon caught by Cowan, he has shown a lot of character and skill and also the hunger to play it big that’s what matters in the test cricket. He scored 187 runs of just 174 deliveries comprising of the 33 boundaries and 2 sixes. 

                   He became the highest scorer in a debut test for India, while 6th in the world overall. Not only he scored the fastest century but also put on a partnership of 289 for the first wicket, that is India’s highest first wicket score against the mighty Australians. Shikhar Dhawan has made an impact with the century in the test cricket against the formidable opponent Australia. Now as he got the dream start to his career, all he needs to carry on like this and play big for the team India like his mentor Sehwag.  

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone5 ?

                  Samsung is ready to give its rivalry with Apple a new height.
Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5
Well they are to launch a new product of Galaxy S series with lots of new features and facilities. Samsung is to launch the S4 which will have a brand new feature called Gesture computing which is based on the eye movement that gives a cutting edge appeal and make hands free for some other important task. 

                Galaxy S4 runs on Android OS and has bigger display and a stronger camera in the comparison of iPhone 5.  With its gesture control we can pause, play songs, videos and read e-mails without touching the phone having wi-fi, LTE and 4G support as well with this.Samsung has tried everything to downplay the impact of the Apple iPhone5 with its new product S4. On seeing the features it can be said that they have been pretty successful in that as well.
            Comparison of the Galaxy S4 and iPhone5

Galaxy S4
iPhone 5
5” super AMOLED
4” Retina Display
1920*1080 pixels
1136*640 pixels
2 GB
Near Field Comm.
13 MP
SD card slot
In market
                           From above table it is clear that S4 has many new features that gives it needed edge over arch rival Apple’s iPhone 5.  It has also improved every feature that are  in the iPhone5. Some of the extra features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 are:-   
           AIR VIEW              :- Preview the contents such as images, e-mail by just gesturing in air.
          AIR GESTURE        :- Change the song, answer call by just wave of hand.
          S TRANSLATE         :- Can translate the text into 9 languages.
          SHARE MUSIC        :- Can play the same song on several phones.
          SMART PAUSE        :- Control the screen of the phone through the eyes
                                            (i.e, pause and play by the eye-look).
          SMART SCROLL      :- scroll through the websites just tilting the phone.
                      Samsung is trying their heart out to beat the rival Apple in their own turf of luxury phones. So going through all the features of the latest product of Samsung we can say that this rivalry will get worse and worse. But, it will definitely prove beneficial and provide the gem for the customers of the Smartphones. Well the only concern of S4 is its price as it is yet to be announced.
                        Well one thing is for sure that, the rivalry between these two stalwarts will definitely help the customers and give them variety of options to choose from and the quality as well
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