Top 10 Sports in world

                  We have heard it thousand times that sports are good for health as it is also an exercise which maintains our health in good shape. But sports provides many other things such as it helps in character building, makes our mind alert and more focused and also increases the longevity. If you look around around there are hundreds of sport which are divided into two categories. They are
  • Indoor  : Chess, Table tennis, Ludo, Bowling etc.  
  • Outdoor : Football, Golf, Cricket, Rugby etc.
               Now the question is which sports to follow? Why follow the particular sport ? How that particular sport is better than the other sport ? Well its up to the interest of one who wants to follow. you can't compell someone to follow a particular sport. If he/she likes any sport they will definitely follow it.  Here I am with the top 10 most followed sports in the world. Look at the list and you decide :

Football is most followed sport in the world
Soccer-Most followed sport
 Top 10 Sports in the World                             

10.  Rugby
9.    Basketball                                      
8.    Golf 
7.    Baseball
6.    Table Tennis
5.    Volleyball
4.    Lawn Tennis
3.    Hockey
2.    Cricket
1.     Football (Soccer)

 Why Football is on Top?

 Football which is also known as Soccer is the most popular and followed sport across the world. It is followed by approximately 3 billion people worldwide and almost in every country on the earth. It is getting a competition from the cricket whose new format T20 is getting famous quickly. But still the craziness and passion for the game of football is immense. This passion for the game of football has kept it on top for long time and it looks like as it will stay right on top forever. The reason for its continuous following may be is due to its short period of play time (90 minutes), can be played in any weather, on  any kind of surface, low investment and also lots of Dollars/Euros if you take it professionally and make big !

That’s why it is quoted Football is much more than just a game ”.                       
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Thanks for stopping by, express your views and suggestions about the blog or the post through your comments.                                                                                                                                                                        

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