Hello friends, this is Prasant, the man behind this blog of its kind. I am in my early Twenties, doing final year of my bachelors. I started this blog to simply express my feeling to others and you are pretty aware with the fact that blog on internet provides a good medium as well as very wide reach. As this blog is mainly about sports so it will consist information about the sports that too mainly about Cricket and Tennis. I'll  update you with current happenings in the world of sports. So, through this I will try to share all kinds of useful information that will be between us. Don't get confused, this is a blog not a biography so it will be even on both the sides. 

             There is nothing special about me except that I am a fun loving guy. I am kind of complete Sports and Movie freak so they are my favorite past time. Cricket is my favorite outdoor and Chess is my favorite indoor game. Whenever, get bored I tune in to music and get lost in the melody, so music is favorite my stress buster.    

My Interests :-

Fav. Movies :- A Walk to Remember, Chariots of Fire, The departed,  The Shawshank  Redemption, Jerry Maguire, Rocky Series etc.

Fav. Music :- Enrique Iglesias, Backstreet Boys etc...

Fav. Books :- The Kite Runner, 3 Mistakes of My Life, The Awakening of Intelligence

Fav. Sports :-Cricket, Tennis, Chess. 

             Hey, if you want information on any of the topic that is mentioned in the  post, please feel free to post your question. I promise, I will try to answer every question of yours  either by the blog post or by mail.

              If you have anything to share, any suggestion for the blog or for articles feel free to post, no matter whether they are negative or positive. Its your feedback which can help me to make it better and improved. As I believe "Improvement is constant thing".

       So this is me !
Please don't forget to put in your view into the comment box.....

                  Thank you for stopping by and also for bearing me ----


  1. good job prashant.. keep it up

    1. Thanks for standing by, keep visiting !

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for commenting, keep visiting !!!

  3. When you leave the college, there are thousands of people out there with the same degree you have; When you get a job, there will be thousands of people doing what you want to do for a living. But you are the only person alive who has the sole custody of your life and this blog stands for your personality.Good choice,Allmighty ALLAH Bless you.

    #I think, DDLJ is your best loving movie.:)
    Faizan khan

    1. Mr. Faizan Khan, sincere thanks for going through this post so closely. Yes DDLJ is one of my favorite movies. Thanks for your feedback, keep visiting !!!


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