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Murray & Bartoli Wins Wimbledon 2013 Title

                   It was sunny Sunday and the Wimbledon 2013 final. After the early exit of defending champion Federer and 8 time French open champion Nadal it looked like as if it is going to be a dull final. But there was something special about this final like the last year. British hope Andy Murray has come again very close to create history. He was in the final of the Wimbledon for the second consecutive time. Last year Swiss legend Roger Federer defeated Murray in the finals and also broke million of hearts. This time Murray was against the world no. 1 Novak Djokovick and just one step away from the glory.

Murray-Djocovick in Wimbledon 2013 Final Match

                Center court was fully packed with the crowd capacity of 15000. The crowd of the final include the Actors Bradley Cooper, Gerard Butler, former Manchester United football team coach Sir A Ferguson, British PM David Cameroon and many other known personalities along with family and WAGs of both finalist. There were number of supporters outside the stadium to watch the finals on the big screen.  

                It was expected to be a close fight between the finalists as they have same game playing style. The weather was bit too hot at 40 degree Celsius for the tennis match. Murray started the match in incredible fashion winning the first set 6-4 in less than 1 hour taking the lead over the Serbian. Djokovick committed too many unforced errors which helped Murray to take lead in the first set. Looking at the first set it was easily visible was that Murray was much better than the Djokovick. 

                In 2nd set it got closer and the set was won by the Murray by 7-5. The Serbian tried everything but Murray got better of him. One time the serbian was leading 4-1 to the Murry, but Murray bounced back and made the score 4-4 in no time. It looked like as If Murray got the response for every shot of Djokovick. Murray gave world no.1 no chance to come again and finished the set with 7-5.

                 In 3rd set Djokovick displayed game of tennis and quickly broke the service and got the lead with 3-1 making it 4-2 in no time. But as it happened all day long Murray came back strongly and equalized the score with 4-4. In next game he broke the serve of Serbian and got the lead with 5-4 just a game away from the championship. While servicing for the game he got 3match points with the 40-0 in favor of him. But the man from Serbia tried his level best to bounce back made the score 40-40. Then Murray saved 3 game points before winning it with the backhand from world no. 1 hitting the net. With this stroke of Djokovick, Murray won his first Wimbledon title.

Andy Murray with Mens Wimbledon 2013 Title

                 The roar at the ground was enough to indicate that what it meant for the British supporters watching their favorite kid winning the Wimbledon title. Murray said after winning  that Wimbledon is the “Pinnacle” of his life. This sentence is more than enough to explain what it means for Andy Murray. Murray became the first British after the Fred Perry to win the Wimbledon in 77 years.         

Bartoli wins Ladies Wimbledon 2013

            French top seed Marion Bartoli wins the ladies title defeating the German hope Sabine Lisicki in the straight sets. The German who made headlines defeating the top contender Serena Williams and A Radwanska looked quite off color and completely lost in the game. She lost 5 games on the trot in the first set and finally the set too with 1-6. The first set was totally dominated by the Bartoli. In second set too Lisicki looked off color and one time she was trailing 1-4 to the French player. Lisicki tried her level best to fight back but she lost this set 4-6 and also the championship. Bartoli playing in his second grand slam final controlled both his game and nerve to win the match. She finished the match with an Ace and won the championship in 81 minutes.    

Marion Bartoli - Ladies Wimbledon 2013 Champion

Mens Doubles

                Bryan Brothers of USA won the men’s double championship defeating the team of  I Dodig and M Melo..  They defeated Dodig and Melo with the score line of 3-6, 6-3, 6-4 and 6-4. With this win now they have 15 grand slams and Olympic gold medal in their kitty. They are the leader in the list of overall winners of the grand slams. They play incredibly good together and they are already the greatest pair of all time. They have won 91 titles in their career, they way they are playing they will definitely win over 100 titles in their career. 

Bryan Brothers Mens Doubles Wimbledon Champion

Ladies Doubles

           The ladies doubles title of Wimbledon went to the pair of Su-Wei-Hseih and Shuai Peng. They defeated the team of  Ashleigh Barty and Casey Dellacqua with the scoreline of 7-6 and 6-1.   

Su Wei Hseigh and Shuai Peng Ladies Doubles Wimbledon Champion

Mixed Doubles

               Mixed doubles title of Wimbledon 2013 went to the Daniel Nestor and Kristina Mladenovic who defeated top seeded Bruno Soares and Lisa Raymond.  Nestor and Mladenovic won this match with the scoreline of  5-7,6-2,8-6 at the center court.  

Nestor & Mladenovic Mixed Doubles Wimbledons Champion

Is Rafael Nadal Better Than Roger Federer?

                  In the world of tennis Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer don’t need introduction. They are rated as greatest players in the history of lawn tennis. Their rivalry has been considered as the greatest rivalry in open Era of tennis. Rafael Nadal and Federer are very good friends off the field, but on field their rivalry is known to everyone. Before comparing these two greats of tennis, first we go through their achievements till now in their career individually.

Is Rafael Nadal better than Roger Federer ?
King of Clay Rafael Nadal or Swiss Legend Roger Federer

Roger Federer

                Currently ranked number 3 in world , Federer holds the record of holding the position of rank 1 for longest time. He was ranked world number 1 for the record 302 weeks. He also holds the record of winning the most number of grand slams. He has won 17 grand slams in his glorious career. He won Wimbledon 7 times, US open 5times, AUS open 4 times and French open once. For all his records and achievements he is considered as the greatest of all time.

Rafael Nadal

                He is ranked 5 in the world currently and referred as the "King of Clay". He has won in total 13 grand slam in his tennis career out of which he has won French Open 8 times, Wimbledon and US Open  twice while AUS Open once in his glorious career. In the list of top grand slam winners his position is 3rd after Roger Federer and Pete Sampras. Rafael Nadal is only player in tennis history to win single grand slam 8 or more times. Nadal has also won the Olympic gold medal and he is one of those players who have completed the Golden Slam.

                As both of them have played most of their tennis at same time and they are still playing. So its quite normal to compare them and also figure out who is greater between two. If we examine the individual achievement of these two then Federer got clear edge over his arch rival Rafael Nadal. Federer started his professional career in 1999 and won his first grand slam in 2003.  Rafael Nadal started his professional career in 2001 and won his first grand slam in 2005. Federer aged 31 expected to retire soon while, Nadal aged 27  have all the chance in world to get closer to the Swiss legend’s 17 grand slam records.

Rafael Nadal defeated Federer 21times in their 31 clashes
Rafael Nadal
                        Observing these stats and numbers the question arises who is better in these two? To find out the better of these two, I have compared their individual matches leaving apart rest of the things. Comparison of two greats is never an easy task but as they have played at the same time, so it gets little easier in this case. They have faced each other 30 times in their career. Their head to head win-loss record is

Head to Head
                           Matches                      Nadal Won                  Federer Won                                                             31                                              21                                                 10      

Court Wise  
                           Court                        Nadal  Won                    Federer Won
                             Clay                                  13                                       2
                             Hard                                   7                                       6
                             Grass                                  1                                       2        
                        If you look at the head to head record between these two stalwarts, you get to know Nadal has much better record against the Federer. They are even on the Hard court, while clay court is totally dominated by the Nadal and Federer has better record on grass court. But they haven’t played too many matches on that court. So with the record of 20-10 in favor of the Nadal he has clear dominated the Federer.    
Head to Head in Finals
                      Total Matches                 Nadal Won                        Federer Won
                               20                                    14                                         6

                        In the finals too Nadal has better record against the Roger Federer. It makes him better than the Federer as there is huge pressure in the finals but he has maintained his cool and won 14 finals out of the 20 meetings. So from the overall study of their matches against each other, no rocket science is needed to declare that Rafael Nadal is better than the Roger Federer in head to head comparison.

                     So in my point of view Nadal is better than the Roger Federer. What do you feel about this ? Do you agree with me ? Who is better in your point of view ?

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