5 Reasons Why Australia Lost Test Cricket Series Against India

                          Test series is over between India and Australia and that was lost by the later side 0-4. As Aussies tasted their worst defeat against India in the test history so it becomes a necessity for them to do post mortem of the series and find out the reasons for this huge loss. There could be number of reasons for the loss out of which top 5 reasons are:

Inexperienced side     
            After the departure of the Ricky Ponting and Michael Hussey the batting looked like a one man army. There was no batsman in the line up who can be considered as the match savor. There was only one man that too captain Clarke himself who scored highest run in the calendar year 2012 in test and it created extra pressure on him. Except him there was no one to rely upon and also the injury of key players did no favor to them. Like batting there was big void in the bowling as no one had decent record in the sub-continents. Injury of Watson didn’t let him to bowl in the entire series. This was also a setback to them as he is a quality all rounder.  Approximately, half of the squad members were playing their first test series in India. So that lack of experience in Indian condition proved costly as well. Experts also claimed that, this was the worst team to tour India in the history.  

Weakness against Slow & Turning pitches   

                As expected, team India welcomed their counter parts with the turning tracks. Most of the players were playing for first time in India in tests so they were not experienced with the slow and turning tracks as they are used to of playing in the Australia where they have quick and bouncy pitches. So, in the series that is dominated by the spinners they couldn’t find a way to go. 
Lack of Quality spinner

                   It is well known that in India the wickets are best suited for the spinners. As India has two top quality spinners in their kitty they made the track that suited them best. Even on the helpful tracks, Australian spinners find it tough to take wickets. This shows that they don’t have the kind of spinners needed to pick wickets in Indian conditions. Australian spinners were very inexperienced and looked like if they are one day bowlers. That’s why they struggled in the series except in the Delhi test were Lyon bowled reasonably well. 

Good show by new Indian players

               The series that is dominated by Indian team, they also found some future players in  Dhawan, Vijay, Pujara, Jadeja and B Kumar in the absence of Sehwag and Gambhir. With Vijay and Pujara being the top two highest run scorers in the test series they provided solid start and also a solid no.3 position and also cemented their place in the squad. Shikhar Dhawan who replaced Sehwag scored a big hundred in debut test. Jadeja impressed with his performance with the bowl and his fielding. In bhuwaneshwar, India found a new and young swing bowler. The quality performances by the young Indian stars led to the series victory for them.

Poor Captaincy

              If a team loses test series 4-0 i.e., they lost every match of series then there is something wrong with the captaincy as well. Australian team couldn’t register a single draw in series and also lost their last 2 tests within 4-days and 3-days respectively. All this shows that the available resources were not handled and utilized well that led to debacle of the team as well as  their worst defeat in last 30 years.

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