History Of Ashes Cricket Series: England vs Australia


                       In the world of Cricket “Ashes “ is one of the most famous  international cricket tournament after the cricket world cup and Champions trophy. The Ashes is a bilateral test cricket series played between the England and Australia. Inception of the test cricket is also credited to these two teams.  Ashes series is hosted by both countries alternatively in every two years. It is said to be started in the 1982 in England. The number of test matches has varied from the one test match series to six test matches series over the years. But from 1998-99 onwards it has been a five test match series between the two sides. The 2013 edition of the bilateral test series is hosted by the England and it is starting from July 10th at Trent Bridge, Nottingham.

                  The Ashes tournament has a very rich history as it is considered to be the oldest cricket tournament in the history of international cricket. The term “Ashes” came into the picture when after the loss of England team in test match a Newspaper wrote a mock obituary as “ The body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia” . After this incident the bilateral series is referred as the Ashes.

           This series is well known for the level of excitement and emotions displayed by the cricket fans of both sides and the level rivalry visible on the ground from the players of both teams.  Ashes cricket series is considered to be more important by the players of Australian and English team than the world cups and champions trophies. As, the players associates ashes with the pride and honor of the country and that is what makes it livelier and nothing less than the war.

            Interesting fact about this ashes urn is that original Ashes urn always remains at the MCC no matter which side wins the series. The replica of the urn is presented as the Ashes trophy to the winner. Since 1998-99 a Waterford Crystal trophy which looks similar to the original ashes urn is given to the winners along with the replica.

             The earlier editions of the Ashes were dominated by the English side but the later editions have been dominated by the mighty Australians. English team won the 11 editions of the first 12 editions out of which they won 8 editions on the row. While Australia too won the 8 edition on the row starting from the 1989 to 2003. This is going to be the 67th edition of the Ashes out of which Australia has won it 31 times while the England has won it 30 times while on 5 occasions it has ended as draw. . Currently the Ashes trophy is held by the English team as they defended their title in Australia in 2011.

Ashes Records

Highest Team Total
729/6 decl. (1930) 
England 903/7 decl. (1938)
Lowest Team Total
36 Runs (1902)
45 Runs (1887)
Most Run by Batsman
Bradman 5028 Runs(37 Tests)
J Hobbs  3636 Runs(41 Tests)
Most Wicket by Bowler
S Warne 195 Wkts. (36 Tests)
I Botham 148 Wkts.(32 Tests)
Most Centuries
19 (Don Bradman)
12 ( J Hobbs)
Most 5 Wickes
11 ( T Alderman)
12 ( S Barnes)

          Ashes have given many legends to the game of cricket like Don Bradman, J Hobbs, Shane Warne, I Botham and many more. Who can forget the Bodyline series which got this name after the Bodyline tactics used by English bowlers to stop the Australian batting legend Bradman and who can forget the 1981 series which is also referred as the Botham Ashes. So, we can hope that we are going to get more legends like them in upcoming series and onwards.

            All these facts, figures and the rivalry displayed by the player on and off the field makes it so popular. Whenever you watch the Ashes test matches live you can feel the pulse yourself. This is undoubtedly the most popular test cricket series in cricket world.


  1. Great post. I agree, the Ashes has an unbelievable history and aura about it. I don't think the England team will underestimate the Australians for the 2013-2014 series. They probably know they were on the right side of some luck during the last series and, had it not been for Ian Bell, they would not have been as successful. I have put together my own favourite Ashes moments in an ebook. Currently free via http://www.cricketoid.com

    1. I agree to you SJ Shaw that luck was on the English side but, they were right team to win the Ashes 2013-14. English team performed much better as a team unit in comparison of their opponents Australians. Keep visiting !!!

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